11. Make It Pretty: Scree Plots and Parallel Analysis Using psych and ggplot2

I’m back with a new Make It Pretty post. I’ve been quietly thrilled with how well my other two Make It Pretty posts have done. My post on visualizing various 2-way interactions (easily my most popular not-current-issue post) has been viewed over 1000 times, and more excitingly, is now the top hit if you google “2-way interaction ggplot2”. And though much less popular, I’m still happy with the ~300 views my meta-analysis¬†visualizations¬†post (on forest and funnel plots) has attracted–I even saw one of my funnel plots in the ‘wild’ shortly after! With this post, I’m going to be showing how you can use the psych package in conjunction with ggplot2 in order to create a prettier scree plot with parallel analysis–a very useful visualization when conducting exploratory factor analysis. Continue reading