15. Make It Pretty: DIY Pirate Plots in ggplot2

January. Is. Over. Though the world is on fire/everything is spiders, in my work-life, I am quite relieved: I have escaped the most gruelling month of continuos large deadlines that I’ve ever had to manage (#NewFacultyLife), while (mostly) getting everything done that I needed to. Hurray!

depression xalt.png
DJT is the Lord of Spiders

So now that I am entering a month when I will encounter the thing-of-myth referred to as, free time, I wanted to quickly hammer out a blog post to start getting back in the swing of posting more regularly. With that, it’s a new MIP post, this time focusing on making DIY “Pirate Plots”.

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3. Peer-to-Peer Learning: Using the OSF as a Program-Based Graduate Training Repository

I’m defending my dissertation in a few days, and as a result, I have found myself reflecting on my experiences in graduate school over the last few weeks. Like many grad students, when not attending to my own work, I spent a lot of my time trying help other graduate students with theirs. Continue reading

2. The ggplot2 package: Your Gateway Drug to Becoming an R User

I am a frequent R user, but this wasn’t always the case. Though I have had R installed on my computer for about four years now, it has only been in the last year and a half that I turned a corner and began to use R on the near-daily. The ggplot2 package was a huge reason why, and I think if you are looking to become a more regular R user too, ggplot2 is a fantastic place to start. Continue reading